SJZ JINXUAN TECH CO., LTD., known as JASPER GLASS, is a renowned exporter of high borosilicate glass products specializing in kitchenware and tableware in China. With a rich history dating back to 2003, JASPER GLASS has dedicated over two decades to the glassware industry.

Our high borosilicate glass kitchenware offers an extensive selection of food containers, bakeware, casseroles, lids, and measuring cups, featuring popular designs recognized worldwide. The addition of boron enhances the attributes of our borosilicate glassware, providing exceptional heat resistance up to 600°C (1112°F) and exceptional stability to withstand sudden temperature changes, such as thermal shocks of 120°C. This remarkable stability ensures that Jasper borosilicate glassware is safe for use in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers. We take pride in our large production capacity, supported by our dedicated packing facility, enabling us to ensure on-time deliveries for our valued customers.

JASPER GLASS boasts the most professional and robust production capacity within the High borosilicate drinking ware glass category in China. Our product range includes a comprehensive selection of double-wall glass cups, teapots, pitchers, water bottles, storage jars, and more. Our technical expertise guarantees that customers can enjoy their glassware with added safety and an enhanced sensory experience. We excel in delivering products punctually and employ cutting-edge technical advancements to support our customers' success in the global market.

JASPER GLASS proudly introduced our own "JASPER GLASS" brand. Our dedicated R&D team has successfully pioneered new patented products under the Jasper brand. Our mission is to collaborate with our customers, fostering mutual growth and achieving shared success. Leveraging our factory's robust technical and production capabilities, we empower customers to create innovative designs.

Over the past two decades, we have established partnerships with prominent wholesalers, promotional markets, renowned brand clients, and retail markets. With our extensive experience, JASPER GLASS not only manufactures and develops products tailored to our customers' needs but also offers comprehensive support, from product development to global marketing strategies.

Get to know us

JASPER GLASS own the most professional and strongest production capacity factory group base for High borosilicate drinking ware glass in China. Products include full rang of double wall glass cups, tea pots, pitchers, water bottles, storage jars etc. Professional technical gives the customer enjoy their glass in more wonderful feeling and safety feeling. Good delivery time and powerful developed technical help our customer done more successful in world market.

Best quality control

Our quality control process from the material purchasing untill well-packaged goods and shipment. Details decide Perfect. Our Professional quality control team guarantee all goods from our factory in good quality as the customer’s requirement.

In-time delivery

Jasper will pay much attention on every production schedule, then to ensure the best and suitable shipment. All Jasper staff have trained with professional technology, and together with our 26years experience on glassware industry, Jasper team will provide professinal service in time. Jasper also have professional designer to provide design if needed.

Our team

JASPER GLASS is the professional High borosilicate glass exporter for kitchen glassware and table glassware in China. Since 2003, JASPER GLASS had focused on business of Glassware line more than 20 years.